Top 3 Ways To Track A Mobile Device

Tracking a cell phone might sound distant in our minds. However, it can exist in many scenarios in our daily life—We need to find out the exact location of our cell phone when it is missing. It is imperative that we should track our kid’s location by phone when they haven’t arrived home at midnight. Well, lucky for you, there exists advanced technology that can help you out fairly quickly. There are some simple ways to track a mobile device by phone. These methods can work wonders for you to safeguard the security of your cell phones and loved ones. Let’s unlock this magic post and have a closer look at the tools there.

How to track an Android without any cost?

Tracking real-time phone location will never be a difficult task for Android users, for they have massive ways to track an Android for free. Let’s see the easiest way first. The default phone locator of Android called Find My Device has been familiar to users. Provided that you are an Android user, you can track your Android device by launching in Google account through another Android device like a tablet. The built-in phone tracker enables you to implement remote management on your cell phone.

If you have no Android device nearby you at the moment, what should you do? It is a piece of cake as well. Google search engine allows you to track a cell phone on the Internet and lock your cell phone without any physical touch. Just open the Google browser on your laptop, and type “Where is my phone”. Once your cell phone has your Google account, a digital map will show up to present the current situation of your cell phone. You can choose to ring your cell phone if you are suspecting that your cell phone is nearby you. Just don’t be surprised when you find your cell phone lying on the sofa or somewhere in your house.

How to track an iPhone without any cost?

As another dominant mobile brand in the world, iPhone always strives for providing users with considerable service. Location tracking service is not an exception. You can track the real-time position of your iPhone device through the built-in tracking feature offered by Find My iPhone. The quickest way lies in locating your cell phone through another iOS device like an iPad. Once your cell phone has linked with your Apple credentials, the location of the device will update on the map.  What’s worth mentioning is that if you have ever shared your location with your family members or friends, you can ask them to pinpoint the location of your cell phone on their iOS devices. Hence, you can surely track an iPhone location for free.

Also, you can log in to  to find your iPhone via your Apple account. the steps are similar to Find My Device. Therefore, just keep your Apple credentials safe.

How to track a cell phone of any kind within seconds?

Listen, it is ubiquitous that everyone wants to enjoy location tracking with the most favorable deal. For example, you can track a cell phone for free in the above two ways, However, the above two methods might impede your location tracking in some circumstances:

  1. The default phone tracker fails to support cross-platform operation. It means that you can download and install Find My Device on an iPhone, while iPhone users can’t get the Find My Device app activated on their cell phones as well.
  2. When you are tracking someone’s location through a built-in service, you need to know their account credentials. People including your kids are stressing privacy, and they are less likely to expose their account passwords to others including intimate family members.

Therefore, is there an all-in-one stop method for us to trace down a cell phone? If you are searching for one hassle-free tool, you can’t skip this part. A phone number tracker named Viespy is here to save you from the dilemma. Viespy is an anonymous tracker that allows you to track someone without interrupting their usage of a cell phone. It is easy for you to get it enabled—A phone number is offered and the tracker will do the rest job for you. You don’t need to spare great efforts to get one’s password. You are holding a magic key if you know the phone number of someone. Let’s see how the tracker helps you track any phone within seconds:

  1. Key in the phone number you want to locate
  2. Subscribe the trial period
  3. Enter the phone number for receiving the phone number
  4. Get notified through the message sent to the cell phone

That’s all for you to track a cell phone. Whatever the case is, a phone number is all that you need for tracking phone location. Next time, when you are wondering about your kid’s whereabouts.

Wrapped up:

Are you still finding an impeccable solution to tracking a mobile device in seconds? Here we have given you the best tool. Just save up the post and try the tool out! You will never worry about failure to track a cell phone and connect with your loved ones!