How To Locate a Cellular Device Online By Phone Number?

So, in this write-up, you will learn how to locate cellular devices with their phone numbers. This allows you to find the phone location in case it gets lost or stolen by theft at any time without any physical access.

Here, we are going to share with you two main ways to track down lost mobile devices using their numbers. Both of these methods support iPhone and Android devices, and both deliver you the exact location of the devices.

How to Locate a Mobile Phone’s Location with a Number?

Tracking phones’ location using the phone number is quite easy. There are many phone number locator websites and apps available on the market. And, most of these tracking tools enable you to find the location of a smartphone without the holder of the phone number knowing. Hence, you can track with confidence without worrying about being recognized.

Type in Phone Number and Find Location Online

Location services listed below only require a phone number to get started with finding the location of an iOS or Android device. While there are other reverse phone number lookup tools over the internet that will ask for more details info like name, address, phone number, and more to have the job done. Now, let’s explore some of the great location tracking websites and apps to track down a lost phone below:

1. Viespy

The most trending mobile phone tracker today is sure to be Viespy. As soon as you have assigned the correct phone number on the search bar, this phone locator will show you the exact location of a device within seconds.

Services like Viespy lets you track phone number locations easily and quickly. All you need to do is: simply key in the number and the system will find the location of any mobile device for you. It doesn’t matter what types of mobile devices you use – be it an iOS device or Android device, or Windows.

However, for this method to work, keep in mind that, the desired phone number you typed in must be correct. Also, the phone you wish to be located has turned on with location services and internet connection activated. Otherwise, the geolocation system will fail to work out the accurate location.

Follow the simple steps below to get started:

  1.  First and foremost, type in the number of the device you wish to track.
  2. Then, you will be asked to complete the payment online.
  3. Again, enter another phone number to receive the location result.
  4. Lastly, you will be able to see the exact location on a map.

TrackPhone comes in very handy if you need to track someone’s phone or locate your own lost smartphone. Most importantly, it doesn’t require installing any special location tracker on the target device.

2. Phone-Location

Phone-Location allows you to track the current location of target devices and then reflect their geolocation on the map in real-time. This software is well compatible with devices running on the systems iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, and more.

Similar to TrackPhone, Phone-Location doesn’t require any software or app installation on the target devices as it works online. The whole tracking procedure only takes a few minutes. Simply specify the target phone number in the format and activate the search process, checking the exact location of any smartphone instantly.

Kindly note: Phone-Location helps you to find the whereabouts of any mobile devices globally with the help of the most popular carrier networks.

How it works:

  1. Enter the target phone number in the international format and activate the locate process.
  2. Make the payment and check your email for further instructions.
  3. Log in to your dashboard to monitor the GPS location and any other actions.

How Do Phone Location Tracking Apps Work?

Location tracking apps like Viespy utilize both the cell phone’s built-in GPS and the phone’s cellular network connection to find a phone’s location worldwide. Cellular phone services offer users cell towers to send signals to their customers. Backed by cell triangulation technology, phone tracking apps can calculate and determine the GPS coordinates of any device on a cellular network.

Alternatives Phone Tracking Solutions

Another way to track someone’s location is by using a spy app. With that, you can not only access the phone’s location but also see the text messages, phone calls, social media platforms, photos, and more. However, We do not recommend you to use spy apps as they might be unreliable to use. In this case, paid phone tracking tools are the best solution for you.


Well done! There you have it, the simplest and fastest ways to locate a cellular device online by numbers. Do share this post with your family members and friends if you think it fits your tracking needs. And do let us know in the comments below if you have any questions. We are happy to hear from you!