How Can You Track A Switched-off Cell Phone?

It is pretty easy and convenient for you to track a cell phone via phone number in the modern world, for ample resorts are available to you. Tracking a cell phone can help you gain precious peace of mind on the grounds that you can know the whereabouts of your loved ones. However, if someone switches off his cell phone to cut off the connection with others and block external distractions, can you still track a switched-off cell phone? This post is here to solve your doubt. Let’s have a glance!

Is it possible for you to track a cell phone which is off?

Although it is much easier to track a cell phone which is on, it is still achievable for you to track a turned-off cell phone. Therefore, there are still ways for you to track a cell phone. Let’s dive into them!

How can you keep track of an Android which is turned off?

Android comes with “Find My Device” to help locate an Android for users. If you have ever gotten lucky and the Android you want to locate is on, the tool can help track an Android in real time. Worst case, you can still find the last seen location of a cell phone even if the Android is offline or turned off. Here is the specific guideline for you to comply with if you want to track an Android which is off:

  1. Go to either or the “Find My Device” app on another Android device
  2. Sign in to the Google account of the person who owns the Android (Note: Make sure that his cell phone has signed in to his Google account)
  3. You will see a complete list of devices that are connected to the Google account
  4. Click on your target one

“Find My Device” can be an apt solution for you if you want to track a cell phone which is off at no cost. Another way you to locate an Android for an exact location via a Google account can be as followed:

  1. Head to the “Google Map” app or
  2. Tap on the profile and stroll down the list
  3. Choose” Your Timeline”
  4. Launch with the Google account linked with the mobile device
  5. You will  gain a detailed location report showing where the Android has traveled before

Pay attention if you want to locate a cell phone of another person, you need to master his Google account for the first step. Once you have the mastery of the Google account, you are holding a key to unlock the geolocation of a mobile device.

How can you track a turned-off iPhone?

Android is not the only brand that paves the way to users to locate a cell phone. iOS has launched its tool to track an iPhone. “Find My” is a sophisticated community where users can find family and friends as well as mobile phone tracking. In addition, iOS has updated its tracking feature with offline tracking, enabling you to track an iPhone even if it is offline for being switching off. The process to track a turned-off iPhone can be similar to what to do on “Find My Device’ to locate an Android:

  1. Enter the “Find My” app on another  iPhone (Or you can visit
  2. Sign up to an Apple account that is linked to the cell phone you want to pinpoint)
  3. Tab on “Devices” on app (Choose “Find My iPhone on web page)
  4. Choose the one you want to locate

You can get access to the latest connected location of a turned-off mobile device. As Google Maps can work smoothly for both Android and iOS users. Therefore, you can also use Google Timelines to check the location history of an iPhone. In the same way, you need to know the Apple account first if you want to use this method to track phone location.

However, you must note that these two ways can’t support cross-platform operation. They are doing great jobs for their users solely.

What is the best way to track a turned-off cell phone?

If you are searching for a way to track the precise location of a cell phone without any confinement, here Viespy comes into handy! Viespy is a GPS phone number tracker that can track a cell phone instantly within a few clicks in less than 5 seconds. No password will you need to locate any phone. All you need to know is a cell phone number. The service can help you track real-time phone location when it is on. It can show you the latest location of a cell phone before it is off. Once the cell phone has been on and connected to the network, you will know the current location on an online map in no time. Let’s check why Viespy is the right one:

  1. Easy entry to phone location. One click on the message on another cell phone, and then you can track a phone
  2. Real-time and accurate geolocation result.
  3. Unlimited requests for geolocation.
  4. No need to install an app.
  5. Suitability to all mobile brands, carriers, and platforms
  6. Around-the-clock customer support

This online GPS phone number tracker allows you to locate any phone even if it is off. The map will show you the latest seen location and update the real-time location once the cell phone is on and connected to the Internet.

More to think: Can we still track a cell phone with a SIM card removed?

The answer is no. Gone are days when a cell phone can’t work without a SIM card. In this digital world, a cell phone can still be tracked without a SIM card. There are still many ways for you to locate a cell phone without a SIM card. For instance, we can still track the mobile device through “Find My Device” “Find My”, IMEI number tracking, and GPS phone location, trackers. Even Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can help with location tracking. Therefore, there is no need for you to worry about the problem.

Final words:

To sum up, there are plenty of ways for you to track a phone even if it is off. If you find this post useful for you, just store it up and leave your comments below. We are looking forward to seeing you share with us!