How To Track A Lost Android Via the GPS?

If you have ever had the unfortunate accident of losing an Android—maybe accidentally leaving it somewhere—you probably know the frantic stress that comes with searching for the mobile device. Luckily, modern technology can help you relieve the unease of unknowledge about the location of your lost Android. GPS positioning technology can play a primary role in this process, helping us track phone location. Let’s have a glance at the ways in this tutorial!

How does the GPS work?

The Global Positioning System is a radio-navigation system based on a group of satellites and ground stations. The past decades have witnessed the rapid development of the GPS and its infiltration from military use to personal use. In other words, civilian users are empowered to get access to GPS statistics without restrictions. The satellites are sending the microwave signals to the GPS receivers, and the GPS receivers on cell phones will receive the signal. The time sent and received will be calculated and used to determine the location of a cell phone and track a cell phone in real time. Therefore, not only can you find out where your cell phone has been, but also you can trace its movement on a digital map instantly. Thanks to the multi-channel design of today’s GPS receivers, the GPS results can be accurate within 15 meters or better of accuracy.

However, some factors can impact negatively the accuracy of GPS. These factors can include the position of satellites, the features of GPS receivers, and the signal effect of buildings. Therefore, modern mobile devices commonly combine with other advanced tracking technologies to improve the accuracy of tracking a cell phone.

How to track a lost Android via the GPS?

There are many ways for us to track a lost Android via GPS. Not only will this section introduce a couple of ways for you, but also it will help you measure their respective pros and cons, thus helping you do the right decision!

Way 1: Use a native phone locator

Find My Device is one of the quickest ways for Android users to find a lost Android. As it is the default phone locator, Find My Device can be a safe and free tool for you to track a lost Android. Two main ways can be your options when you find your Android lost. You can log in to your Google account through the web page by clicking on:  Another way is that you can enter the Find My Device app on another Android, where you can locate a lost Android through your Google account. You can also activate other functions on Find My Device, which can speed up your process to find your lost Android:

  1. Play sound for leading you in the right direction to locate a lost cell phone. The sound will last for 5 minutes even if it has been set silent.
  2. Secure the device for locking your screen and prevent others from accessing your data on your cell phone. In addition, the person who picks up your cell phone can reach you with the attached information on the phone screen.
  3. Erase the data for wiping out all your data if you can’t get the phone back anymore.


  1. Get an approximate location of your lost Android
  2. Free and easy to use the tool
  3. You can ensure the data security and manage your cell phone remotely


  1. No real-time movements on the map
  2. Less perfect performance on location accuracy compared with other third-party phone locators
  3. Only compatible with Android

Way 2: Google Timelines

Google account can be a universal passport for an Android user. Therefore, you can surely locate a lost phone via Google Timelines (Google Maps). You can activate the service on Google Timelines through a browser and the app. Rather than helping you manage your cell phone, Google Timelines helps record the location history of your cell phone, thus tracking a cell phone in a hidden way. You can get a detailed location report through Google Timelines including:

  1. Daily visible location report. You can select a specific day and check where your cell phone is and how long it stays somewhere.
  2. Reviews including counties, and transportation. You can remind the places where you might lose your cell phone. In addition, the map also reminds you of how you went somewhere and how long you took to get there.

Once you have connected your cell phone with your Google account, Google Timeline will support you with a detailed and visible history timeline. Therefore, you can find a lost Android through the recorded history on Google Timelines.


  1. Free and easy for you to use
  2. Present you with a detailed location report


  1. You can’t manage your Android through the Google Timelines
  2. The latest location report rather than a real-time movement of your cell phone

Way 3: Phone carriers’ apps

The dominant phone carriers also make it easier for users to track a cell phone when it is lost. For example, Sprint has Sprint Family Locator, and Verizon has Verizon Family Locator. The applications are aimed at helping users to locate a lost phone and connect with their family at any time and anywhere. You should note that you should first create a new account on the carriers’ app and then choose the subscription plans.


  1. Free trial period
  2. Locate a cell phone using the same carrier easily
  3. Locate your family members directly on a digital map


  1. Need to pay for billing plan after the trial period
  2. Delayed updates of the location of a cell phone (The applications are working by the combination of carriers and the GPS, so they might be not accurate enough sometimes)
  3. Restrictions on mobile carriers (You can track a cell phone of different carriers)

How can you track down a lost Android without limitations?

A GPS phone number tracker can be the perfect answer to the question. It can be a great way of finding out the exact location of an Android phone via phone number. The sophisticated program combines GPS positioning technology and Wi-Fi connection. Therefore a phone number locator can be more precise than a traditional tool to locate a cell phone. We can benefit from a phone locator containing:

  1. No time & place restrictions. You can track phone location regardless of time and place.
  2. Zero limitation on mobile phones. You can track numerous mobile devices once you provide the locator with a phone number
  3. No limitations on mobile brands, carriers, and models. The locator can locate any phone in the world
  4. Free of limitations of speed. The tool allows you to track down a lost Android with maximum speed.

Other advantages:

  1. Wide coverage on a global scale.
  2. Instant response from a technical team.
  3. Considerate interface design
  4. A trial period

You might be required to renew a subscription at a reasonable price. However, you can feel utterly safe to use the tool.

What else can we do by tracking an Android?

The tools can be beyond phone finders. They can impact positively on other regards in our life:

  1. Keep connection with our family members via a map
  2. Safeguard the offline security of our family via phone location, in particular for your underage kids
  3. Check the real-time delivery of goods
  4. Help call centers to locate someone at a fast speed

Wrapped up:

Although losing an Android can be finanical and emotional challenges, a number of tools can help you locate a lost Android. The tools can’t be a magic pillar, but they can be your great helpers when you want to track a cell phone. If you find the post useful, save it up in case you need to someday!