Best Tools For You To Share Your Location With Your Friends And Family-2022 Guide

When you are travelling with your friends or family in a tourist destination with oceans of people, you might get separated from your loved ones? The first idea comes into your mind must be sending a text or having a phone call “Where are you?”. However, after your texting, you might have to wait for text for an update instead of getting an instant reply. The emergence of mobile GPS trackers can save you from waiting for a response, enabling you to keep tabs on each other without constantly texting.

Surely, it might sound unsetting. After all, who wants to be tracked or share location with others at all times? However, if you are living an area which is often hit by hurricane or blizzard, it is a quick way to check your loved one’s safety, making sure that they do not get stuck in trouble. If you loved ones are on business trip regularly, you will be able to check his/her current location and get a peaceful mind. Also, when you are in a distant relationship, you can share your location with others without difficulty. These tools come into play to show your care to your loved ones, companying them even if you are not with them. The article is presenting you the best tools to share your location with your friends and family in 2022. Let’s have a closer look at these top tools!

Tool 1: My Location

It is a free mobile GPS tracking app for Android users. With a map-based interface, My Location app enables users to save and share the location easily at any time. With various map themes, you can customize your map theme according to your personal preference. A user-friendly design with night mode can protect your eyesight, enabling you to have a joyful experience at night. Main features are waiting for you to explore:

  1. View your real time location, relieving your unease even if you are in a new city
  2. Share your location with your friends and family, strengthening the bonds with each other
  3. Explore entertainment activities around you, allowing you to relax in a coffee shop, supermarket nearby
  4. Support different geo formats including KML, GPX, and GEOJSON files for extensive log tracking history
  5. Plan your apt route for your riding or trip, preventing you from heavy traffic

What is worth noting is that while sharing the location with your friends and family, you will be able to see their exact latitude and longitude without extra effort.

Tool 2: Google Maps

Believe or not, Google Maps,  is a free and fully-featured app that must be one of the integral parts for many people now. It can be your tour guide for you, guiding you to navigate your destination. Being your route planner, it can formulate the apt route for you to your destination, saving you from wasting time.  Google Maps can work smoothly both on iOS and Android freely. Major features can contain:

  1. Get real-time GPS navigation, traffic, and transit information and updates, helping you grasp the current traffic situation and estimate your arrival time
  2. Discover the place like a local, finding the restaurant, events, and activities that matter to you
  3. Present street view and indoor imagery of places like restaurants, tourist destination, supporting you to get a full picture of the places
  4. Share current location with your friends and family, enhancing your ties to your loved ones

You can just ready to download and install Google Maps no matter you are an iOS or Android user, but just note that some features are not available in certain countries.

Tool 3: Geozilla

Geozilla is a stronger competitor of family locator for tracking current location of your friends and family privately. The bonus feature that makes it apart from other apps is that it safeguards your loved ones on the road by offering a driving report. A GPS tracker with Geozilla app can also help you locate anyone or anything in a few seconds on the map of Geozilla. It offers a wide range of features to you:

  1. Share your location in a private circle that only your family can see, giving you peace of mind
  2. Know when family leaves or arrives at a place, grasping the current situation of your loved ones
  3. Store the location history of your family and friends, checking their routine route and see where they have been
  4. Keep your family and friends safe on the road by giving a driving report, lowering the risks of car accident and improving road safety awareness.
  5. Link the family and friends with a GPS tracker, presenting the location on your app

Geozilla can also work on iOS and Android. Therefore, you can safeguard your family and friends and dispel your unease with an affordable price.

Tool 4: Glympse

Glympse can be an expert in leveraging data and a vanguard of applying location data to delivery field. No need for you to sign up, which means that you will be free form creating a new account. Such flexibility is the reason why Glympse can work for multiple different situations ranging from daily location sharing to delivery tracking. You can have a closer look of Glympse for its capacity:

  1. Share your real-time location with your family members, friends and co-workers, ensuring you a relaxed family and social life after your busy work schedule
  2.  Send a Glympse to let friends and family know you are on your way and also request a Glympse to tell them you will be late for the meet-up
  3. Provide estimated arrival time when you encounter traffic jam
  4. Notify you about a charity race or bike race or community events, encouraging you to make contribution to the charity

Glympse can be at your disposal without any cost, just download and install it on Google Play and App Store.

Tool 5: Life 360

With a focus on keeping families safe, Life 360 is devoted to offering a platform to you to view and share real-time location with circle member on a private family map. Life 360 brings your family and friends closer with smart features:

  1. Locating sharing, making you be informed of the current whereabouts of your family and friends
  2. Place alerts, notifying you as your loved ones come and go from the most frequently spots
  3. Driving report, prompting your loved ones to cultivate safe and good driving habits
  4. One-tap directions, navigating directly to any Circle member by tapping on their photos

Life 360 is available on both iOS and Android with a snap to set up. However, you should note that you can just get access to some specific functions like location history and customer support with an additional payment.

Final words:

Above are our pick for the most popular and reliable mobile GPS trackers. Hence, if you are desirous of reinforce bonds with your family and friends via sharing location with each other, you ought to save the post. If you have any comments, please do not hesitate to leave it below!