How Can I Locate My Boyfriend’s Phone Without Him Knowing?

Where is My BF? Is he secretly dating someone behind my back?

We understand that it’s a terrible feeling when you start to doubt your life partner’s whereabouts and wonder if he is cheating on you. So, we got you several technical options at your disposal if you want to find out the truth yourself.

So, for today’s post, we will outline some free, directed ways to check on your boyfriend’s phone and location without letting him know when he is apart from you.

Tracking Your Boyfriend’s iPhone

Every Apple device comes with the “Find My” app for iOS users to track both their devices and the people they know or loved. This app works best if your boyfriend has iPhone or any App device.

Step-by-step guides on how to track your boyfriend’s iPhone:

  1. Open up the “Find My” app on your device.
  2. Share your location with your BF.
  3. Tap on the “People” section and hit the “Share My Location” or “Start Sharing Location” option.
  4. Type in your boyfriend’s name or phone number into the search box.
  5. Click “Send” and choose how long you wish to share your location with him ( One Hour or Until End of Day or Indefinitely)
  6. Hit “OK” to your request. (A notification will send to your BF’s phone)
  7. Back to the “People” section and tap on your BY’s profile picture.
  8. Hit the “Ask To Follow Location” option along with the “OK” button.
  9. Unlock your BY’s phone and head to the “Find My” app.
  10. Pull up the “People” section and hit the “Share” option within your name and select a time duration on how long you would like to share his location.

That’s not all. Now that you have followed all these steps above, you are only a few clicks away to know when and where your BF goes to a new location. Come on! You are only one step left to the final truth!

  1. Go back to your phone and find out the “People” and tap on your boyfriend’s name.
  2. Hit the “Add” button beneath the “Notification” button.
  3. Click “Notify Me”.
  4. Check the “Find My” app on your phone to find your BF’s location whenever and wherever.

In case your boyfriend is not an iOS system user, do not worry, we have prepared another effective way for you in the next part. If you are keen on knowing his phone and location, scroll on and find out more helpful information.

Tracking Your Boyfriend’s Android

As we all know, Google Maps is considered to be one of the most useful tools available to smartphone users. It allows people to preview a new place and plan for the destination. This location tracking approach works best if both you and your BF have Android phones or Google accounts.

Complete guides on how to locate your boyfriend’s Android:

  1. Open Google Maps on your smartphone.
  2. Hit on your profile picture.
  3. Tap on the “Location Sharing” option and hit the “New share” button. (This will send a notification to your BF’s phone)
  4. Select how long you would like to share your location or click “Until you turn this off”.
  5. Unlock your boyfriend’s phone and sign into his Google Maps.

6. Tap on your boyfriend’s profile picture on Google Maps.

7. Click on the “Location sharing” option and find out your profile picture on the screen.

8. Pull up the contact and hit the “Request” button to share his location with your phone. (You will receive a notification about the location request)

9. Agree to follow the request on your phone.

10. Head to the “Location Sharing” page of Google Maps when you want to track his location.

Great! You are sure to master how to take advantage of Google Maps to offer your a hand right now. Still, if you are opting for an easier way to insight your boyfriend’s phone, below are a few paid spying apps that can help you get the job done.

Apple and Google’s tracking apps let you know where your boyfriend is, but they don’t offer you more info about that. A location tracking app like a mobile tracker gives you a comprehensive look at your boyfriend’s whereabouts in real-time remotely but without the need to install any app or software on your phone. Simply input the phone number and begin the track within a few minutes!

What makes a mobile tracker worthy?

  • Easy to operate
  • Powerful GPS technology
  • Track anonymously
  • No installation process
  • Accurate geolocation
  • 24/7 tech support

Trace a phone number in 3 easy steps:

  1. Enter your BF’s phone number in the right place or the search box.
  2. Choose a plan that suits you and finish the payment.
  3. Type in your phone number to get the result of your boyfriend’s location.
  4. Check his location info or details on the map.

Budget-friendly pricing:


Closing Thoughts

As we come to the end of this blog, you must have found a solution to your query about how can I locate my boyfriend’s phone. Trust issues in a relationship bring you here and that is why a phone tracker is introduced in this article. However, keep in mind that it’s always best to talk with your loved ones directly about your concerns and fears. A good relationship relies on mutual trust

Thank you for taking the time to read! Do feel free to let us know in the comments section if you have any better tips and tricks on location tracking,