Ever-Best 5 Tools To Track Your Friends’ Location

Before today’s post, just think about your daily meet-up with your friends—You and your friends are texting constantly with each other” Where are you? Where have you been?”. The thing can be much easier now, for friend-finding tools come into play. Instead of sending numerous messages of location inquiries, you can track your friends’ whereabouts at your fingertips without extra questions. Today, we have rounded up a couple of great tools to help you find your pals!

Ever-best tools to track your friends’ whereabouts:

Although it might initially sound unsettling, using such tools can be incredibly practical if it is the first time you and your friends meet up with each other. Also, if your friends regularly go on business trips and you both like to check in on each other’s progress, it is a great choice for you to track the location of each other. With great prowess comes great responsibility, you should make sure that you only allow access to people you trust to not abuse it.

Tool 1: My Location

My Location is a free Android location tracking app. Via a map-based design, you will find it easy for you to locate your friends’ location regardless of time and place and vice versa for them. What makes it outshine others is that you can see the current location with the exact latitude and longitude. The app also leads you to explore the world, discovering the nearby famous scenic spots for you. Every fancy thing can be realized on My Location: You can choose popular geo formats like KML, GPX, and GEOJSON files. You can also choose your switch to your favorite map themes. It can be your intimate companion for location tracking and navigating service. However, it is not so friendly to iOS users, for it can merely work on Android devices.

Tool 2: Google Maps

Google Maps must be on the list when you are searching for a tool to track where your friends are. Compared with the My Location app, Google Maps is a free application that can be compatible with both Android and iOS. It can be an all-in-one location service provider—Never will you worry about the inability to find a certain destination and missing the interesting places when you are new in a city. In addition, you can share real-time location with your friends on the platform. Your friends will be notified when you are tracking them. By the way, you can even share your estimated time of arrival with your friends on Google Maps. Therefore, it has already been an essential part of pretty much everyone’s arsenal these days. However, you should remember to renew the period if the duration expires. Otherwise, you can’t track your friends’  whereabouts

Tool 3: Familonet

Familonet is designed to keep a tab on your loved one, but it can also work effectively when you want to track your friends. The app can allow you to build up a private circle, which enables you to track the location of your members on a digital map. Click into the icon of your friend, and you will be able to determine his location. At the same time, the app will provide you with location history, so you will never miss every step of your friend on his way somewhere. You will receive a notification when your friend leaves a specific area. Therefore, you can give a quick response to any emergency. Surprisingly, the app can be a simple messaging platform where you can text some short messages to your friends.

Tool 4: Zenly

First launched in French, Zenly has caused great mass fervor among teenagers, for it can track the real-time location of their friends. Its ease of use and cute interface add attractiveness to people. Once your friends have accepted your invitation on the app, you can see their real-time location at any time and anywhere. You will know whether they have left for your dating or not. You can even check the battery level of your friends. It is surely a nice try for you to locate your friends.

How can you track your friends by phone number without apps?

Above we have introduced four versatile apps for you to track your friends. However, a more convenient way for you is to track someone without app installation. Online phone tracker by number can realize the goal for you without laborious steps. With a phone number tracker like Viespy, you will start a carefree location tracking trip with just a phone number. Some predominant features are waiting for you to explore:

  1. Total safety of data and private information. All the data collected is aimed at better service, and we promise all the information will be encrypted and won’t reveal to third parties.
  2. 100% confidentiality. You can just company your friends quietly without interrupting someone on his cell phone.
  3. Ensured adaptation on different mobile devices. It supports cross-platform operation on different devices.
  4. Skip the app installations. You can just identify the exact location of your friends without additional applications.

You can be ready for tracking your friends at any time with the following several steps:

  1. Enter the phone number of your friends
  2. Set up a membership on Viespy
  3. Key in your phone number for receiving a geolocation message
  4. Be notified of your friends’ real-time whereabouts

All the processes will be implemented without any delay. Once there are some defects in the tool, you will give instant feedback online to the technical team.

Final thoughts:

Here are the best 5 tools on our list! If you have any other good recommendations, just leave your words below! We will happy to see your comment here!