How Can You Locate Your iPhone on Android?

As the dominant mobile brand, Apple has launched developed inbuilt iPhone finder-Find My, which enables you to find you iPhone with ease when you lose your iPhone. However, if you iPhone is missing and you don’t have any iOS device nearby, how can you locate your lost iPhone on Android? The good news is that there are a couple of ways for you locate your phone on Android effortlessly. Keep browsing the post and you will find out the answers.

How can you locate your lost iPhone on Android?

If you are the only who uses iPhone among your family and friends, you might find it hard to imagine how terrible it is when you find your iPhone lost. But the truth is that you don’t need to worry about that because there have been methods to track your phone on another phone. The below methods can be your great assistant when you are trying to track your iPhone on Android.

Method 1: Call or text your own cell phone

Let’s start from the most traditional way. It might sound outdated, but many people might try this way firstly when they find their phones lost. This way might work if your cell phone is picked up by someone instead of being stolen by someone. The one who picks your phone up will tell the location of your cell phone, and then you can go and get it back. It can be the fastest and easiest way.

Another way for you is to text to your own cell phone. You launch some platforms which show delivery status like Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger on Android of your family and friends. Then you are supposed to text a message and send it yourself. If you see a double tick next to the message then you will know that your cell phone is on. If you make a call or get a message like “Not Reachable” or “Switched off”, it is time for you figure out other ways to locate your phone.

Method 2: Track a cell phone on iCloud

Something you can prepare before you track your phone on Android. Activate the location service and turn on the “Send Last Location” option on iPhone. It can send the last location of your iPhone before your battery dies. With iOS or later version, you can locate your phone even if it is off. After all the preparation, you will be about to track a cell phone on Android by launching iCould.  iCloud can be the magic key to Apple products for you need to use iCloud to activate the features of your Apple products. Therefore, you can also track a cell phone on iCloud. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the browser on Android with incognito/private mode, which ensures that it won’t store any information of you
  2. Head to and log in with your iCloud password
  3. Select Find My iPhone from the homepage of your iCloud website
  4. Choose your lost iPhone and you can see the updated location information on your screen

Aside from the location information, a few handy features are available to you including:

  1. Lose Mode: Turn on the Lose Mode and protect your device from being misused by others. It can also help others to reach you with the info on the screen.
  2. Play Sound: It plays an audible sound and if your cell phone is nearby you, you will find it with ease.
  3. Erase Data. If you are sure that your cell phone is lost and you will never find it any more, you can delete all data on your phone.

After you have done the above steps, remember to log out from the website and close the browser.

Method 3: Locate your phone via Google Timeline (Maps)

Google Maps is one of the most fully-featured location service providers, which can store the location information of your cell phone, thus helping you locate your phone. Google Timeline is also the preference for many iPhone users. However, before you use Google Timeline, you should meet two prerequisites:

  1. You have downloaded and installed Google Maps on your iPhone
  2. You have enabled “Location service” and “Location History” on your Google Maps (Google Maps > tap your profile icon at the right top corner > Private content > Location service and Location History)

Then let’s move to the step-by-step guide for you to track your phone on Android:

  1.  Head to Google Maps on Android either on web page or app, and then log in your Google account
  2. Tab on the icon with three horizontal lines at the left-top corner
  3. Choose “Your timeline”
  4. Choose the day you lose your cell phone and the timeline will lead you back to the day by showing your where you have been to that day

Method 4: Phone number tracker

Modern GPS technology has developed at a stunning speed that phone number tracker has come in handy, being an integral part of your digital life. The phone number tracker has the capacity of tracking your phone with a phone number regardless of your mobile brand. There is no need for you to download or install any app on either smartphone, you can finish all the steps on the web pages within a snap. Here, we take a typical example of VieSpy, and you will see how easy it will to track your phone with the website-based phone number tracker:

  1. Head to on Android and then enter the phone number in the search box
  2. Make the payment with your credit card
  3. Enter the phone number you want to receive the result
  4. Wait for the result on your own phone

Tracking your phone will no longer be a problem for you if you take the assistance of phone number tracker. Some must-know things of phone number tracker include:

  1. Real-time location tracing, helping you keeping eye on your cell phone location even it is moving
  2. No limitations of regional confinement
  3. Ability to operate on all mobile models and brands
  4. Capacity of tracking your phone around the world
  5. No requirement for installation (Note: some phone number trackers need installation on device, while some can search for your phone location on web page)

More to think:

The post helps you track your iPhone on Android in the above four ways which are proved to be useful. If you have any workable ways to share with us, don’t hesitate to leave your comments below!