How Do I Identify An Unknown Caller Number Online?

Nowadays, scams and spam calls are becoming more and more common. These calls are not always easy to identify as the number comes up as “unknown.”

Although some people have a caller ID that displays the number of the person who is calling from, however, this information is not available for everyone as it doesn’t show up sometimes. So, if you want to find out who is calling you or know more about an unknown caller, then this post is right for you because there are a few ways that may help solve your problems. We are going to share some methods on how to identify an unknown caller number so that you can avoid trouble beforehand.

How Can I Find Out an Unknown Caller?

We totally understand that it is very annoying when you constantly receive a phone call from an unknown number. But, don’t lose your patience, in this part, we will show you 3 simple ways to look up phone numbers made by others such as contacting your phone provider, getting an app, or simply searching for a phone number online. Now, let’s dive right into these easy methods to find out unknown numbers below:

Method 1 – Install An App

A traditional phone number tracking application is the most often used way to identify an unknown caller number. Based on a huge database of phone dictionaries, everyone can accurately and quickly find out who is calling. If you want to track a number that is already been displayed, then BeenVerified is the best option. It offers you convenient access to all the necessary data, making it easy for you to know who is the caller behind the number and saving you much time investigating manually on Google.

Method 2 – Conduct A Phone Number Search

Another way to find a people’s phone number for free without having to spend a penny is a free reverse phone lookup search service like Spokeo. To verify and block unknown calls via reverse phone search, all you need is the phone number itself. However, you have better understand that this method works best if the number is listed in the public databases and it only delivers limited information. Kindly note that additional payment will be needed if you wish to get more detailed information.

Method 3 – Viespy (Phone Number Tracker Service)

The last but the most effortless approach to identifying an unknown call number is by using a phone number tracking tool online. As one of the best GPS phone lookup tools on the internet, Viespy does you a great favor in providing precise location details of the target phone number via powerful GPS technology. Just look up someone’s phone number online and let its geolocation system do the rest of the work for you. Easily enter the phone number you wish to be located and find out its phone location without installing any special app or software on your phone.

Method 4 – Contact Phone Provider

In case the described methods above do not help you out, you can always opt for your phone service provider to ask them for help in identifying an unknown caller. By contacting them, you will be able to get more information about the person who called, for example, their name and address, even their phone company. Or, you can ask them to access a log of your incoming as well as outgoing calls, and view the unknown caller numbers unmasked. More than that, you can ask the carrier to block those unwanted phone calls for you as well.

Bonus Tips: How to Verify If It’s A Scam Call?

Generally speaking, there are a few hints that you can look for to verify if a phone number is a spam.

  • The calls come on a frequent basis or at odd hours.
  • Ask for personal information, for instance, your credit card number.
  • Send you strange text messages.
  • Belong to a foreign area code.

Moreover, if you are still not sure whether or not a number is a scam, you can always opt for a Google search and see if anyone has reported it as spam before.

Final Words

So, this is all about how to identify and find out an unknown caller number. Hopefully, the different ways mentioned above can help you in many ways. In case you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to drop your comments below. We love to hear from you!