Smart Employees GPS Trackers for Small Business

There are time when you need to track cell phone location of your employees and make sure they do not sneak out during office hours. Or you need to plan the best route and reduce unnecessary cost by knowing the location the driver has traveled. The good news is that you can get the most out of an employee GPS tracker for location tracking. If you’re looking for a reliable tracking solution, you’ve come to the right place.

Why you need to track employee location?

By employing a GPS location tracker, managers or business owners will be able to record the location via GPS and know employees’ exact location when clocking in or out and taking a break. Some GPS time tracking apps also enable you to check the location continuously throughout the workday for each employee in order to ensure they are where they need to be.

Furthermore, managers can know the routes their workers take and offer any quicker or better solutions. They can detect potential obstacles or diversions, ultimately preventing wasting time. Employees also can get GPS tracker installed on the work phones. In case the smartphone goes missing, you’ll be able to track its location and get it back.

How do you track an employee’s location?

There are several cell phone trackers available in the market. It’s advisable to do a little search with regard to your need. In particular, mSpy, Bark or Net nanny stand out from the rest due to their performance. They can be used by employers to track their employees’ cell phones in real-time. This can be done by getting the app installed on the work phones.

Once completed, you can log into your online account and track GPS location of your employees. It lets you check all the places they have been to at any time and from anywhere, and view the date and time of each visited location. You’ll be supplied with exact location showing in an interactive map.

If you are not intend to install a software, you can try phone number tracker TrackPhone. It’s a web-based service that allows you to track a cell phone through GPS. Whether you want to locate your employee or someone close to you, it can serve your exact purpose.

All you have to do is type in the phone number and click “start geolocation” to get statred. It doesn’t require any professional knowledge and you’ll get the exact location of target Android or iOS phone. It shows the location in the form of map that you can zoom in and pan around. You also can switch it to satellite view.

Is it legal to track employee’s location?

Before you invest in a GPS tracker, it’s better to learn general laws and obtain employee’s consent. If there is a legitimate business need, employer can track an employee’s use of its own system. These business needs include improving customer service, making sure employees are working and preventing harassment.

But if you get employee’s prior consent, you also can track your employee’s phone location. You should include your tracking requirements in your employee contract or create a written policy. To protect your employees’ privacy, you should decide who can access the tracking information, and carefully explain that you will not access the data after office hours.

How do you tell if someone is tracking your phone?

If your phone is being tracked, you may notice some off phone behavior such as battery rundown when you haven’t used it, shutting off randomly, background noise or increased data usage. However, these signs could mean different things as well.

Wrapping up

Now you know how to track your employee’s phone location through the above-mentioned methods. Simply install a GPS tracking app on the target smartphone or utilize phone number tracker. Our recommendation is using a mobile number tracker, which is suitable for both beginners and professionals. You can get precise location without any hassle.